In this amazing series of hot comic pictures we find a sweet lady held against her will for crimes she didn’t submit. This poor gentle bred lady is about to have her whole world violated and turned upside down. It seems in the eighteenth century they didn’t need to have much more than suspicion and someone was arrested.

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She is removed from her cell and taken to the magistrate where he explains that she can lesson her time in the dirty cells with common thieves if she does what she is told. She doesn’t want to and protests over and over again, but he isn’t listening. You can see that his eyes are on her heaving chest, and his cock thickens in his pants in this cruel comix.

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If you are faint of heart then turn back now, because this torture comix is explicit and might make you faint. This cruel comix starts out sweet enough, this Master’s slave brings him his crop and awaits his commands.

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He is a cruel master and he soon puts her through her paces which include stuffing her pussy and ass with hard thick dildos spreading and gaping that pussy and asshole wide open. When he is finished he heats up the branding iron and brands her ass. He then uses those round globs of flesh as a dartboard and her ass becomes a pin cushion.

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In this bdsm comix the roles are reversed somewhat and it is a mean spirited mistress that has control of a slave girl. She has her tied to a chair with her legs spread wide open so her pussy is at the ready for anyone or thing that comes by.

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She doesn’t want to damage her precious good so what should she do? She wants some fun today after all, then it comes to her and she snaps her fingers and her obedient male dogs arrive. They snap to her commands and begin to lick and fuck her subdued slave in this series of sex comics.

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This hot little blond isn’t little red riding hood, but she sure is having some issues in the woods from a human wolf in this cruel comix. This nasty guy finds this blond babes curves too much to handle so he reaches out and snatches her up. He quickly ties her up in this hot comic and begins to have his way with her. She tries to scream, but finds her mouth full of hard dick and her hands are useless tied behind her back. He soon has her tied to the tree her back and ass facing him as he begins to whip her until she screams into her ball-gag and stripes line her back.

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This bdsm comics features a house of submission where everyone learns their lessons, from the lowliest slave to the Mistress of Love everyone learns how to take direction.

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Watch this adult bdsm comic as the Head Master teaches two ladies the meaning of submission and erotic sensual pain. The lowliest slave gets her ass filled with a hard dildo and is then sent to the Mistress of Love Sabine. Sabine gives her some lessons in pussy licking, but gets herself into trouble.

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In this porn comic you’ll find a very helpful shop girl as she tries to give one of her customers some useful information, what she doesn’t know is that he already has his eyes on a new sextoy and it is HER!

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He puts this big titty babe into the stocks and begins to destroy her pussy and ass with his fist. He leaves them red, sore and gapped wide open. When he is finished he uses clothes pins to hold them open as he moves around the front to stuff her mouth full of his hard dick.

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When this buxom babe tries to use her big tits as a cover up for stealing, she is busted in this hot comic. What happens next is an amazing twist on how shoplifting thieves should be handled.

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Watch this sexy and curvy bitch get frisked by rough handed security guards. When they find the stolen merchandise they take her back to a hidden room and begin to interrogate her in humiliating ways. This comix porn series continues as she a female security guard pulls her panties down she is saying that it is illegal, but at this point she is screwed!

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I warned you, this amazingly depraved porn comix is damn explicit and in your face. This nasty Master has this poor submissive hanging from the ceiling by her hands and a huge hook stuffed into her ass. That has to be painful, but in torture comics like these you have to expect it.

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I’m not sure how this sweet babe is taking all this punishment. That metal bar up her ass being lit has to be painful, esp. when the heat reaches down deep inside her beautiful ass. To add salt in the wound he then begins to use a cat-o-nine tails on her beautiful ass leaving huge red welts.

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When it gets dark outside, it gets dangerous for beautiful babes with big tits on the streets of Baghdad. This pretty brunette hadn’t heard that so she was walking alone down the streets when she was abducted and taken to the sultan Omar. This is where this sex comic gets interesting.

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Once inside she is stripped, gagged and bound for the Sultans pleasure. He enjoys this fine piece of female meat feeding her sextoy after sextoy and even his hard thick dick. She moans and tries to escape her bondage, but it useless. Will he release her when he is finished with her, or give her to his loyal subjects?

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This pretty red-headed nurse tries to give aid to the enemy in this hot comix, but the world gets turned inside out as he takes control of her curvy figure and slams her down on the bench. He holds her steady as he fucks her tight pussy leaving her raw and gaping.

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He soon uses her ass as a gun support for his musket and tortures her further by pouring gun powder along her spine and into the crack of her ass. As her eyes roll up and she begins to scream he lights this gun powder trail and her ass explodes that gun as she screams in pain in this hardcore bdsm comix.

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